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Dog Photo Session Prices & Packages

Puppy Package

Purchasing a PHODOGRAPHY By Will puppy package is a great way to capture your new friend’s progress through their new life with you. The puppy package gives you a way to remember how cute they were when you first brought them home, how much they grew in the first six months during their adolescent phase, then finally the way that they look when they have matured. As with all of the PHODOGRAPHY By Will sessions, the focus will be on capturing their unique and individual personalities and quirks as well as tracking their physical development.

It is best to arrange the very first session as soon as you get your new puppy, but after they have had all necessary vaccinations to allow you to take them outside. The session will last for around 1.5-2 hours and a variety of images will be captured such as portrait, action and family. The photos will be edited and then we'll meet up for your first viewing and ordering session. Then comes the difficult part - choosing the photos! You get a £35 credit to spend how you'd like after each photo session (Total £105). At the viewing and ordering session you can purchase additional products such as mounted prints, professionally framed prints, digital images, luxury folio box or photo albums. If you'd prefer to though, you can just use your credit and choose your favourite image for a mounted print and spend no extra money.  


Your second photo session should be at aged between 6-8 months old, depending upon how quickly your dog grows and when best suits you, again the photo session will last between 1.5-2 hours and a variety of images will be captured such as portrait, action and family. You will then come to the viewing and ordering session and choose your favourite photograph, or order additional products if you would like to.

Your third photo session should be at aged around 12 months old, again depending upon how quickly your dog grows and what best suits you. The photo session will be of the same format as the previous two, followed by your viewing and ordering session.  

The cost of the 3 session Puppy Package is £200 and includes 3x £35 credit (1 after each session). 

1 (3).jpg

Scout's First Session

2 (3).jpg

Scout's Second Session

3 (3).jpg

Scout's Third Session

Product Prices

During the viewing and ordering session you will have the opportunity to purchase high quality, professional photo products. All photo sessions include a £35 product credit to put towards your products, so if you didn't want to purchase any additional products at your viewing and ordering session, you will still leave with a mounted print of your favourite photo from the session. All products are hand made and most from local suppliers.

  • Double mounted prints starting at £35 (10x8)

  • Digital packages starting at £180.

  • Framed prints starting at £190 for a 10x8 (frame is 12x10).

  • Framed canvases starting at £190.

  • Luxury album books starting at £390.

  • Luxury folio box with matted prints & USB of all gallery images £1495.

  • Product package deals are available.

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